3 New LinkedIn Profile Changes

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LinkedIn Has Made 3 New Profile Changes

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This is your marketing minute from Forward Push. Hey business owners, if you are on LinkedIn and you have a business profile page for your business, you need to know about three new things that have just been released for LinkedIn business profile pages. And I’ve got ’em right here. First off, you can now customize your call to action button. So if you’ve got a contact page on your website, or you’ve got a special landing page that has an offer, you can now customize this button so that when someone clicks on it they’ll go right to your website. Number two that’s happening now for LinkedIn business profile pages. Sometimes you are gonna get stuck. You’re not gonna know what to post and LinkedIn’s now gonna make suggestions for you on content that you can share with your connections. And the third thing that LinkedIn has done is they’ve now allowed you to add a tagline to your profile. So if your business has a mission statement or you have a tagline that you always use, go ahead and add it to your LinkedIn business profile. Three new things that you can do on LinkedIn and I look forward to seeing how you use these new features.]]>