3 Google My Business Pro Tips

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Transcript from the video:

This is your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and today, I’ve got three Google My Business post tips for you.

That’s right, on Google My Business, you can put a variety of things on your profile and one of them is called a post. So there’s three tips I want to share.

One, Google My Business for posts will allow you up to 300 words max. Just because they allow 300 words, doesn’t mean that you need to use all 300. Keep your post between 80 into 100 words max.

Secondly, follow best practices for SEO when it comes to posting. That means keep your keywords and your most important message up front. So of those 800 to 100 words that you’re gonna be posting, let’s get your keywords and your most important messages within those first maybe 50 some odd words.

And the third tip is your image size. Each post can have one image. Go ahead and make sure that image is 750 by 750 so your post image should be 750 by 750.

So there you go, three good suggestions for Google My Business posts.