Using Social Media and SEO to Fuel Your Company’s Digital Growth

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Digital growth isn’t about whether you prefer social media or SEO, it’s about how you use them to reach customers. After all, once you’ve acquired a customer, will you always link them with the acquisition method? While it’s important to know which channels are working, the only thing that matters is that you’re watching and adapting. What may work for another company in your industry may not work for you, which gives you the opportunity to make digital marketing your own and create something unique.

This can become a dangerous combination, though. The day companies begin focusing on one platform instead of multiple is the day when they need to prepare for the platform’s inevitable change.

Instead of relying on only social media or only SEO for your company’s digital growth, combine the two into an integrated marketing strategy that focuses on each platform’s strengths while minimizing the impact of an inevitable change.

Don’t Put All Your (Marketing) In One Basket

The best marketing strategies combine multiple platforms into a cohesive plan that takes advantage of the strengths and downplays the weaknesses. The companies that rely too heavily on one platform over another are those that won’t be able to recover from sudden changes. Which can be deadly to small companies with limited resources.

To create your integrated marketing strategy, plan out the core messaging, determine the blogs, videos, and photos that need to be created, and where you’ll share it. Social media is one, but there are also email newsletters.

Email addresses are one of the most valuable resources a marketer can have. It’s direct access to your current and prospective customers. Use lead magnets to increase your email list while providing value to the prospect, and create a cadence that increases opens while limits unsubscribes.

Your social media calendar is a supplement of the overarching content strategy. For example, Instagram is ideal for companies that have the resources to produce great photography. Facebook is ideal for those looking to invest in Facebook Ads, because Pages need to be active organically to produce the best advertising results.

Are You Renting Your Marketing or Do You Own It?

Improving your website’s SEO ranking requires a long-term strategy, and should be a staple of any marketing strategy. Your website is “owned” space, whereas social media is rented. What would happen if Facebook disappeared overnight? Or if Instagram when the way of Myspace? Exactly. By building your website’s SEO presence while also staying present on relevant social platforms you can take advantage of the rented space while building your Internet home.

The perfect example of this harkens back to when Facebook first changed their algorithm. Business pages saw rapidly decreasing reach on organic posts while Facebook encouraged these companies to adopt their new advertising platform.

By the time companies relying on the revenue that came via Facebook posts saw a drop off, it was too late. Don’t be like them. Start creating engaging content, host it on your website, and use inbound marketing strategies (including SEO) to begin working on your ranking.

As Neil Patel shares, it’s not going to be an overnight success story. “[The] truth is, it takes resourcefulness, dedication, persistence, and creativity. This is especially true because of the constantly-changing nature of Google’s algorithm.”

This includes keyword research, writing for SEO, and a (good) backlinking strategy. Don’t fall for the companies promising 100 backlinks a month. Instead, focus on high-quality links on websites that are applicable to your niche.

While we want to impress the importance of owning your content, we do believe in social media. An active presence is essential on social media, it’s just not the entire solution.

Your digital marketing solution may not be what your industry uses, and that’s a good thing. Standing out with creative content and integrating tools like social media and SEO will help potential customers find your company, fall in love with your brand, and become loyal customers. Digital growth isn’t a one size fits all solution, so if you’re ready to create your own path we’d love to hear from you.