By Sending a Tweet, Of Course

Would you have expected them to do it any other way? The 140 character micro-blogging service has filed papers with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission outlining a proposal to sell company shares. If you want more information than that, you’re out of luck. The documents are confidential following SEC rules because Twitter’s revenue is less than $1 billion.

Here’s are thoughts on Twitter’s IPO Filing:

– We wonder of Wall Street has learned anything from the Facebook, Groupon, and Pandora IPOs. They all started with a media frenzy (sorry, we know we’re part of it), and then sank in the week’s following their initial sale.

–  Twitter falls sharply behind the Internet giants in annual ad revenue. With Facebook reporting $5 billion, and Google at $50.2 billion, it will be interesting to see how Twitter plans to capture more ad dollars without cluttering the user’s stream.

Look for the Twitter IPO to happen in Q4, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Will it make a good present? Only time and what that little blue bird does will tell. Tweet us your thoughts to @Forwardpush.

By Marc Apple