San Francisco Video Production Shares Their Story Online

“You Have a Story to Tell. We Bring It To Life,” is not only the tagline of the San Francisco based video production company but the challenge TimeShift Studio placed in front of Forward Push to write and design their new website.

TimeShift Studio has produced over 300 videos for businesses located in the Bay Area as well as nationwide. They don’t just shoot one type of business as their eye for detail and quality production means they can handle most any project.

A typical day is anything but typical for this video production team. Mornings can be spent on the Google campus filming and streaming the Google Science Fair to the world, to an afternoon booked with shooting a business marketing video for a restaurant’s new website.

Forward Push’s job was to create a website that showcased TimeShift Studio’s production skills by putting their work front and center on their website, while also using text to detail how they work, and a selection of their most recent work.

Upon launch, our strategy for TimeShift Studio is to develop their site to be a resource for those looking for their services by adding monthly content creation to their blog and new videos to a Search Engine Optimized YouTube channel.

By Marc Apple