Thriving Life Wellness Center practices a unique style of chiropractic care called bio geometric integration. It allows them to perform gentle adjustments to your body, so it can correct itself by tapping into the stored energy we all have in our spine and nervous system.

When most people think of a chiropractor, they think ‘crack and wack,’ the exact opposite of what happens at Thriving Life Wellness Center, and their website and the way it was written needed to explain that in a clear and concise way. We were able to capture what they do through color, words, and imagery to create a website that not only informs, but generates appointments.

Dr. Christine Cantwell: Chiropractor

“The Forward Push team are great at getting the job done, in a timely and efficient and cost effective manner. I have always had my questions answered, projects modified as needed, and most importantly had a professional and integrated web presence and communication strategies. I can’t recommend them enough!”