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College Students Missing Out On Loan Repayment Helpful Sources

Helpful Resources Ignored as DOE Lets Borrowers Default

New data released this week reveals that the Department of Education has been allowing hundreds of thousands of borrowers to default on their federal student loans rather than enrolling them in the Obama administration’s debt-relief programs.

President Obama has repeatedly said that too few borrowers are aware of the debt-relief measures including the Income-Based Repayment and the Pay As You Earn programs. It looks like he is right.

First Gainful Employment Negotiated Rulemaking Session Ends

APSCU’s Vice President of Communications Noah Black released a statement in response to the ending of the first session of gainful employment negotiated rulemaking by the Department of Education. The three paragraph statement is as follows:

“The diverse views expressed by the negotiating committee as to what is a quality program, demonstrates why this matter should be left to the Congress and addressed during reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

“As noted by several negotiators, institutions cannot control the economy, the availability of jobs, where students choose to live and work, yet the proposed regulation would determine program quality on those metrics.

“The Department’s actions are out of step with the Congress, risk denying hundreds of thousands of students the opportunity for education, skills and jobs, and will hamper the ability of our country to meet the Administration’s goal of closing the skills gap by increasing the number of Americans with postsecondary credentials.”

By Marc Apple

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