This week Minnesota’s For-Profits are reviewed, Grand Canyon is up, and Strayer is helping students finish college.

For-Profits Go Under Review In Minnesota 
The Minnesota Office of Higher Education, a cabinet-level state agency that provides students with financial aid programs and information to help them gain access to postsecondary education, concluded their study on for-profit institutions in their state this week. The findings won’t be all too unfamiliar to our readers:

  • • For-profit institutions in Minnesota are in compliance with state statutes.
  • • Students who attend for-profit institutions in Minnesota default at lower rates on their student loans than students attending public two-year institutions in Minnesota
  • • Students attending one of Minnesota’s for-profit institutions are as likely to be employed one year after graduation as students from public two-year institutions. Read more…

Grand Canyon Shares Soar
Nice to hear some positive financial and enrollment news coming out of our sector. On Tuesday, Grand Canyon reported that their revenue increased 21 percent to $142 million from $117.1 million last year, as enrollment increased nearly 16 percent for the quarter to 53,600 students. Read more…

Strayer Launches Graduation Fund to Help Students
This week Strayer announced two new programs that will tackle college affordability and completion. The Strayer University Graduation Fund will cover up to 25 percent of the cost of an undergraduate degree for dedicated students. Starting from day one, for every three classes a new student successfully completes, Strayer will place one Tuition Award in their Graduation Fund to cover the cost of one future class. In addition, as part of an overall effort to address affordability, Strayer is also announcing that tuition will be frozen for currently enrolled students, and there will be no tuition increase for 2014. Read more…

By Marc Apple