Higher Education News for April 26

This week DeVry announced Q3 results, a note to politicians and journalists to look for the positive, and student debt is higher than all others.

DeVry Q3 Profits Down 15%
Earlier this week, DeVry announced that their fiscal third-quarter earnings fell 15% due to slower enrollments. Total undergraduate enrollment at its namesake university decreased 17% to about 47,537 for the March session, while new enrollments shrank 21% to 5,146. Total student enrollment for the company declined 6.7% to 119,623.

Politicians & Journalists Lack Positive Insight
The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a think tank based in New York, says that politicians – and journalists – are too quick to highlight for-profits’ poor graduation levels, higher loan default rates and patchy graduate employment records, while overlooking their strengths. Having seen the positive effects of our sector, we’re glad to see this kind of reporting.

We interviewed three successful career college graduates who chose to stay in school and make something of themselves.

Higher Ed Fact of the Week
Student Loan Delinquencies Surge

In the third quarter of 2012, the share of delinquent student loan balances exceeded the share of delinquent credit card balances, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Consumer Credit Panel and to Equifax.