High Education News

This week the DoE takes another shot at Gainful Employment, an opinion on student loans, and we look at why the Attorney Generals are subpoenaing DeVry.

One More Try at Gainful Employment
The Department of Education announced this week that it would seek to rewrite the regulations on for-profit colleges, tighten underwriting standards for student loans, and introduce new rules on pre-loaded debit cards for financial aid.

The Obama administration has proposed several new higher education aid policies that include using the money to reward colleges that offer “good value” and punishing those that do not. Read more…

Is Borrowing Money For Schools Still Worth It? 
Education remains a great equalizer as it can provide opportunity for those in need. The current job market is filled with jobs that require a college degree and are more technical in nature. Read more…

Illinois & Massachusetts Attorneys General Investigating DeVry 
DeVry Inc. was subpoenaed this week as part of an inquiry examining whether the company and its affiliates are in compliance with the federal Higher Education Act’s ban on paying incentive compensation was violated or not. Read more…

By Marc Apple