This week vets are still waiting, student loans are on the rise & we talk to students who stayed in school to ensure a better future for themselves.

Vets Still Waiting for Tuition Help — “We anticipate maybe by the end of next week,” said Lt. Col. Tom Alexander, an Army personnel spokesman. “We’re still awaiting guidance from the Defense Department on how much money will be available.”

Student Loan Rates Set To Rise (again) — Once again, the interest on many student loans is scheduled to double on July 1, to 6.8 percent from 3.4 percent. Unlike last year, there is no election campaign going on to give Congress a reason to stop it.

Education or Application? The $1m Question Our Students Face — “I’m not going to college. Why should I load up on debt just to binge drink for four years when I could just create an app that nets me all the money I’ll ever need?” Is this the way the youth of America thinks now-a-days? Not the three career school students we spoke to.

By Marc Apple