New Website for San Francisco Neuromuscular Therapist

The garage doors opened on his new website, but it’s not your car that Gary Mendelson wants to take care of. The Massage Garage is the place for bodywork on your body, that is.

With the debut of their new website, The Massage Garage of San Francisco is able to engage prospective customers and help them learn about why Gary and his clients call him a “body mechanic” and not just your typical masseuse. Gary is a California Certified and Licensed Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist and Health Educator, who uses therapeutic massage techniques to isolate where your pain is coming from. Once that is determined, he then uses several massage modalities to re-educate and realign the muscle fibers to go back to their normal position. This isn’t your father’s day spa. This is about serious healing from pain.

The Massage Garage website represents how a brand can differentiate itself by using a graphical theme and style, and not let it take away from the message of the business, but enhance it. Using red, black, and white as the main color palate, Forward Push Media was able to “play up” the car theme, while allowing the text of the website to explain Gary’s unique focus on healing.

By Marc Apple