The Best Colors For Marketing?

10 Colors That Will Help Your Brand Evoke Emotion

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and today I wanted to talk to you about colors. I was driving and noticed all the leaves that are changing colors and it reminded me of how important it is when picking colors out for your logo, your website, or even the walls in the room that you’re in right now. How important that is. So today I wanted to go over 10 of my favorite colors and share with you what emotions they evoke.

Let’s start with brown and then black. Brown is a comfort color, while black is a color that adds drama and also is a great complement to other colors. Blue evokes a feeling of trustworthiness. While gold is all about elegant and richness. The color green is warm and it’s inviting. If you’re looking to add a little energy to your logo or your website, pick the color orange. And if you want to scream fun, use the color pink.

If you want to be elegant and royal, pick the color purple. And if you want to convey a sense of power, use the color red. And speaking of power colors, let’s not forget yellow, another power color. So there you go.

A handful of my favorite colors and the feelings that they evoke when you use them in your logo, your website or anywhere that you are projecting your brand and the colors that it’s using, I hope you have a great day. Pay attention to the colors around you and see if you notice the feelings that they invoke. This has been Episode 163 of Your Marketing Minute, and I will see you next week.

Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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