Take an Appointment Request from Facebook and Instagram

New Feature Allows Businesses to Take Appointment Requests

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. And once again, Facebook and Instagram have made it almost impossible for businesses to not be on their platform. This week, Facebook and Instagram are now allowing users to request your services to book an appointment. And this is not something new.

We saw Facebook testing this back earlier last year. And then sort of at the beginning of this year, people were able to set appointments. But, now, it’s gone across the board to Facebook and Instagram. So a user can now go onto your profile, they’ll click a button to request an appointment. They’ll be able to select a date, a time, and what service they want, and then hit Submit.

You as the business owner are gonna get this notification through, you guessed it, Facebook Messenger. And now that Messenger is now being connected in more ways to Facebook and Instagram, this means that you will never leave Facebook and Instagram.

So I’d like to know from small business owners, are you willing to turn over this much power to Facebook and Instagram? We know we’ve got plenty of people on these platforms, are they gonna feel comfortable requesting your services on Facebook, on Instagram?

And as the business owner, are you gonna feel comfortable accepting an appointment from there, and how is that gonna work with your scheduling system? Well, we’re gonna see how this turns out. Facebook and Instagram continue their dominant to be the player that we all turn to.

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