Successful Marketing In The Digital Age

Marketing the Digital Way

Since the internet became the focal point of marketing, industry professionals have faced a constantly evolving combination of technological capabilities and audience needs. Recently, the conversion of SEO, social media, and traditional practices have built a new path to success. How can you navigate this? In 2014, make sure your digital marketing foundation is built on the following key ideas:

Quality & Quantity Of Content

The best way to approach any sort of online customer engagement, be it blogs or social media, is to produce sharp content over regular intervals. This works on a number of levels. Quality content engages readers, regardless of whether they regularly subscribe or if they used a search engine. Posting quantity ensures that there’s always something to come back for, generating return readers. In addition, each new item pings Google to re-index your site, thus expanding your search engine footprint.

Take Campaigns Social

Even if your campaign or event mostly occurs offline, it must have an online component that can be shared socially. This generates online awareness and creates links back to your digital assets, and you never know what will catch fire in the world of viral buzz. Some easy ways to work online social activity with offline events include promoting a hashtag for sharing, encouraging photo/video posting of the offline event, and sharing event/campaign coverage from other sites.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

One of the best aspects of marketing in the digital age is the advent of analytics. When configured correctly, analytics can provide detailed metrics on nearly any digital asset. This gives you an up-close view of what’s working and why to augment existing campaigns, minimize unsuccessful tactics, and evolve new strategies ahead of the curve.

It’s 2014 — do you know where your digital marketing is? If you need help building your digital marketing foundation, contact Forward Push Media today. From content to analytics, Forward Push can get the most out of your digital marketing options.


By Marc Apple

Marc Apple is recognized as a leader in the marketing industry and has 20+ years of experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their digital marketing. He specializes in website design, SEO, social media, and paid search programs. He is a frequent contributor to other marketing websites and speaks regularly about marketing to small business owners and startups. To learn about Marc and to contact him, visit his author bio page.


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