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Computing is moving away from the desktop and into devices.

Microsoft calls itself the “Devices and Services company.” Experian Marketing Services revealed a study stating that 1 in 2 emails are opened on a mobile device. Emails are viewed differently on a mobile device than they are on a PC. Fonts need to be changed, navigation needs to be altered, and buttons should be easily spotted. All businesses should have an email marketing campaign, they keep your lead list warm while generating new ones. Increasingly, it is becoming more and more essential to ensure emails are mobile optimized.

The Experian study further reveals that one of its test segments was a mobile-combo. These are users who open emails on their desktops and mobile devices. According to the research, “subscribers who opened on 2 platforms were the most engaged, with the mobile-combo segment sporting a 31% click-to-open (CTO) rate and the “other” segment not far behind at 26%. Webmail-only subscribers had a 23% CTO rate, with desktop-only subscribers at 13% and mobile-only subscribers at 12%.” Furthermore, the “mobile-combo segment also generated a higher revenue-per-unique-opener ($1.28) than any other segment, with mobile-only ($0.10) subscribers bringing up the rear.” Below are some helpful tips for your local business to consider about mobile email optimization.

7 Ways to Mobile Optimize Your Emails:


  • Keep buttons in an area that is easy to find and navigate.
  • Ensure that links can be easily pushed with the thumb.
  • Use larger fonts over 14-points for comfortable reading.
  • Make sure the content can be viewed in HTML or text.
  • Keep the layout simple and stacked.
  • Use a compelling subject and a comprehensive message.
  • Leave image widths at 600 pixels or less to reign in problematic pixelation issues.

If one out of two email users check their messages on a smartphone or tablet every day, wouldn’t you want your emails to be easier to read? ReturnPath states that 64 percent of users say they would either delete or ignore a message if they find it difficult to read or navigate. The last thing you want is for recipients to send your emails to the trash box. What would be the point of spending time on email marketing if your efforts are not cost-effective or productive? You can no longer rely on viewers only using their desktops to check email messages. With the larger screen size of tablets, smartphones, and phablets; it is simply a more convenient option for checking email. For these reasons and more, mobile optimized email should be a priority for your business and marketing strategy.

 By Marc Apple

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