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New Facebook Ad Space May Work For You!

Back in June, Facebook revised their advertising layout in an effort to streamline the space in right-hand columns and increase click rates. Their revamp came after testing showed that the streamlined space was better accepted by users and led to greater activity. The result was Facebook’s recent launch that updated their advertising model into a more efficient and friendly environment.

Don’t worry, local small business owners. Of course, change comes with both pros and cons, and you may hesitate when you see what has happened. This revamped ad space shrinks the amount of virtual real estate, meaning that there’s only limited availability to get ad impressions. In short, it’s a supply-and-demand issue. The general outcome of this translates to increased costs. While local small business owners may cringe at the thought of higher rates, let’s take a moment to consider what that gets you.

small-business-marketingFacebook advertising offers a scope and precision unlike any other. Through Facebook’s ad model, you can target groups based on:

  • Age
  • Interest
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • Education and Workplace

The different demographic data collected on Facebook accounts works in your advertising favor. That means you can zero in on college-educated single women of a certain age based in a certain location. That kind of targeting is impossible through Google Adwords. With Facebook’s revised right-hand column advertising, the focus is on ROI, not cost-of-entry. If you could pay more but get a consistently better return, why wouldn’t you?

To learn more about advertising on Facebook for local small businesses, check out the Facebook Fit Bootcamp on August 5 in Menlo Park. Forward Push Media will be there too, so say hello if you see us! And of course, if you need any help getting your social media ad campaigns in front of the right audience for the right cost, contact Forward Push today to get started.

By Marc Apple

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