How Does Google AdWords Work?

One question that we receive a lot from our clients is, “why don’t my ads show up all the time in Google?” It’s a great question with seven answers that all have the word “or” in between them.

1. Google serves ads based on overall budget, expected number of clicks per day, and amount of budget consumed.


2. Google may deem that a particular search is a bad one as it has been searched before and our ad has not been clicked – read that over out loud: searching for your own site and not clicking the ad can hurt how or when your ad appears.


3. The daily budget might be exhausted.

Pay Per ClickOR

4. The budget “spread” for the day was exhausted and Google is pausing between displays. We like to run our client campaigns at the “show evenly over time” setting versus the option of “accelerated” which shows ads quickly and exhaust the budget as soon as possible.


5. The quality score of the keyword/ad/landing page has Google setting it for fewer impressions.


6. The daily campaign budget is too low, in combination with the quality score, so Google does not show the ads that often.


7. The geographic IP of the search computer might be outside the set display area of the campaigns.

These seven ORs are all are variables, issues and conscious trade-offs we look at every day… and so does Google.

By Marc Apple