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What is Social Media Management?

Social media is more than posting memes. Proper social media management involves developing and implementing a plan that uses different platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach your ideal customer. 

Over time, you’ll begin to see what your audience does and doesn’t like so you can share the best type of content for them, turning them into not just customers, but brand advocates online.

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Renee Klein Healthy Living

Renee knew that she needed to focus on social media, but didn’t feel comfortable using it for her business.
Hoffer and Webb, LLC

Hoffer and Webb

A focus on building a connection with their community by sharing legal advice and law updates.

Big Wipes

Creating a story around utility wipes.

Top 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Success on social media is possible, but it requires a strong plan and attention to detail.


Not Reporting on Performance Regularly

If you don’t know your numbers, how will you grow on social media? One of the most common mistakes we see is small businesses not completing monthly reporting. By watching the number of followers, comments, likes, shares, and clicks to your website, you can see what content your followers like. From there, you can focus on that type of content so you can grow.

Not Using Video on Social Media

Statistics show that video is more engaging on social media, even outperforming any other content on Instagram. It’s also far more accessible than it used to be. It’s no longer just a high-cost production that requires months to complete. Now, you can film high quality videos on your phone in minutes.

Companies who host regular Facebook Lives, post Instagram Stories regularly, and post videos to their feed will see an increase in growth on social media.


Only Focusing on One Platform

We all have a favorite social media platform, but not all of your potential customers have the same preference. To help reach as much of your audience as possible, it’s essential to use at least two platforms. This opens up the types of users you’ll engage with so you can grow faster online.

Watching Other Companies Too Closely

While it’s helpful to watch what other companies are doing on social media, it’s not helpful to copy them. Watching companies too closely will lead to similar content and a lack of focus. By focusing on your own brand and what content your audience engages with, you’ll be able to better nurture them into customers.


Trying to Engage with People Who Won’t Purchase

Not everyone will be your customer. That’s a good thing! We often see companies trying to be everything for everyone, and it’s not sustainable. Instead, know your target audience, and create social media content for them only. This helps you remain focused, concise, and growing online.


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