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While a good SEO strategy will take time, when done right, you’ll increase your online visibility and improve sales without paying for advertising.

Why SEO for Your Atlanta Business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creative and technical updates that drive valuable traffic to your website. The ultimate goal of SEO is to increase lead generation and grow your business through improving how your website ranks on search engines like Google and Bing. (Yes, Bing matters!)

Through our carefully crafted SEO strategy, we’ve increased website visits by over 160% and have moved companies from fifth to first ranking for their top keywords, all through proven, search engine-legal techniques.

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See Some Of Our Atlanta SEO Projects


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Establishing legal expertise online for a local audience.

Boss Consulting

Creating a website to clarify Leadership services and brand to help grow his company.

Taylor Law Group

Demystifying divorce & family law through website design.

Does SEO Even Matter?

Yes! We have proven results that show how much SEO positively impacts business growth, including those we just mentioned. A concise SEO strategy helped one of our clients increase their organic (unpaid) website traffic by over 160%, and we have replicated those results for many companies in the Atlanta area.

While a good SEO strategy will take time, when done right, you’ll increase your online visibility and improve sales without paying for advertising.

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What Does a Poor SEO Ranking Mean?

A poor SEO ranking means that you aren’t being discovered organically, which means fewer people are visiting your website. This could be due to a number of factors:

  • No concise keyword strategy
  • Little online visibility
  • Un-optimized content
  • No technical SEO

Once these concerns are remedied, your website will begin driving more traffic and increasing your sales.

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What to Expect When Working with an
Atlanta SEO Agency

There is a carefully formulated set of guidelines that every SEO agency should follow. Use this as your guideline when interviewing agencies so you can ensure you’re partnering with the right one.

Remember, though, Atlanta SEO experts use this framework to create the custom strategy around your needs. Every website is its unique entity and should be treated that way.

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Keyword Research

Every great SEO strategy begins with finding the keywords that will deliver you results. This keyword research ensures we target the right users so we bring in the right traffic later on. Without this step, the traffic coming to your site won’t purchase your product or service.

First, we’ll review your industry, niche, target audience, and goals together. Then our team will look at search volume, competition, and other factors to build the keyword list that’s the foundation of our SEO strategy.

Our job here won’t be done after this initial list, though. SEO is the Internet’s living organism.
As we continue through the other steps, we’ll refine and adapt these keywords to ensure that the right people are discovering your website.

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Content Development

Next, it’s time to develop content relevant to your audience that supports our keyword list. This includes optimizing website content like your service and/or product pages, about page, and home page. The ongoing strategy includes blog creation.

These blog topics are carefully chosen based on your goals and your audience and are written to the latest SEO standards so your audience will enjoy reading and each article will remain within search engine guidelines.

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Technical SEO

While our content team is developing the website content and blogs utilizing the list of keywords, our SEO team focuses on the behind-the-scenes tasks of technical SEO.

The first is a series of updates that allow a search engine to crawl through your website to pull relevant information about your company. The next is indexing, in which the search engine takes pages from your website and adds it to their database.

We’ll also analyze and optimize site speed, images, URL framework, schema markup, robot.txt files, and other buzzwords you don’t have to know to ensure your website is setup for success.

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Social Media Growth & Online Reviews

Most companies believe SEO is primarily website-based. And while there is significant effort and focus on those resources, social media and online reviews also impact search rankings. Once we reach this stage, we’ll work with you to post regular, high-quality content on your social media channels while helping you increase the number of reviews on Google My Business.

This not only improves your brand online, but it also directly impacts how well your site ranks on search engines. This process continues on for the duration of our work with you.

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Link Building

Much like building a home, link building seeks to improve your SEO performance by setting a foundation of links to other high-quality websites. This step includes reaching out to industry websites to increase the number of links back to your website. The more high-quality links in place, the more your website will rise in search results.

When hiring an Atlanta SEO agency, be wary of anyone promising hundreds of backlinks a month. These are very likely lower quality websites, which will negatively impact how Google perceives your website and do the exact opposite of what you want: you’ll fall lower in search results.

Once link building is complete, it’s time to focus on the local impact of your website.

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Prioritizing Local SEO

As a local SEO company in Atlanta, we know the importance of appearing where it matters. This final step will build your presence in your area, so that when people search for “realtors near me” or “divorce attorney near me”, or “[insert your industry here] near me”, your website appears.

Local SEO requires building a cache of reviews on websites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp while also establishing a presence on local directories. These are typically industry-based and are a free way to boost your SEO presence with little time commitment.

How Long Does SEO Take?
An SEO Timeline

The right SEO company will emphasize that SEO is a long-term strategy. We’re one of those companies, because we know good work doesn’t happen overnight. Especially with SEO! Here’s when you’ll begin seeing results after signing on with an Atlanta SEO company.

SEO Plan month one researching SEO

The First Month

During the first month, we’ll complete competitor research and keyword discovery to build out our initial keyword strategy. This is also when we’ll work on optimizing your website’s technical SEO.

The Second Month

Month two will include continued technical SEO while our content strategy team begins developing content that incorporates the chosen keywords.

SEO Plan month two - Content Writer
SEO Plan Month 3 Content Development

The Third Month

Content development continues, with FAQs, white papers, blog posts, and other website content taking priority. By this point much of the technical build out will be complete, leading to some initial results.

The Fourth Month

We’ll continue working on blog posts and white papers while also increasing the number of high quality backlinks. This is when you can begin seeing an increase in website traffic and leads.

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seo plan month five optimizing results optimize

The Fifth Month

This is where optimization begins. We look at the initial results and update our strategy to what your audience is reacting to best so we can bring in as relevant leads as possible.

The Sixth Month

Now that the strategy and its initial adjustments are well under way, our team manages technical consistency while promoting the content across social media and industry websites.

The next six months will continue to bring increased traffic, leads, and ultimately, revenue. During this time we will continue to monitor keyword rankings and develop relevant content.

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The Forward Push Difference

When it comes time to hire an Atlanta SEO firm, you want specialists, not generalists. At Forward Push, we have the specialists you need to create the strategy, improve your technical SEO, and develop the content that will help you grow your business. We’re committed to your goals and care about your long-term success.

Let’s schedule a consultation to review your needs and create your custom SEO strategy.