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Maximizing Your Social Media Presence with Social Media Advertising

Unfortunately, social media’s ability to reach your audience isn't what it once was. And while the solution requires a financial investment, you can see significant results running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This helps you reach your audience where they live online. As they scroll, your ads appear in their feed. And when targeted well, your potential customers will generally have an intent to purchase your product or one similar. This intent to purchase and a well-timed ad will increase your sales and build your brand awareness with your ideal audience.

How to Use Paid Social Media to Increase Sales

Social media advertising has become increasingly sophisticated in the last couple of years, which means you can target users based on their age, location, interests, whether they shop online, and even if they’ve engaged with a previous ad or have visited your website in a certain time frame.
We always recommend building awareness using people’s interests, then retargeting them with sales-focused ads. This is key. Because people rarely buy the first time they hear about a company, retargeting those who are aware of your company can result in more sales.

Different Social Media Advertising Options

There are advertising options on all major social media platforms. The ones you choose, though, determine what they can offer your business.


Facebook Ads is one of the most widely used advertising platforms, and is available to anyone with a Business Page. It’s generally a low-cost way to reach a large number of people, whether you want to drive people to your storefront or your website.

It also offers extensive revenue tracking so you can know which ads result in sales so you can improve your campaigns. Facebook can be a beneficia advertising platform for nearly any B2C company, though many B2B companies are also seeing results.



Instagram is a visual platform, and your ads have to match. By using photos and videos of your products, the lifestyle they create, and even photos from your customers (with permission, of course), you can create campaigns that blend in with the user’s feed to increase your results. Because Facebook Ads also manages Instagram Ads, it’s an ideal way to create a cohesive brand through advertising. The same images and videos can run on Instagram. (Though you can also choose what platform depending on your goals.)

Instagram is most beneficial for companies looking to target millennials and even gen Z with trending products and services.



While LinkedIn is typically more expensive than Facebook and Instagram (meaning your budget will not deliver the same number of results), it can offer results if your audience is active on the platform.
Top advertisers are Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, continuing education courses, and other professional resources. However, there are still opportunities for advertisers who don’t fit that criteria. As long as your product is useful to the audience that you’re targeting, you can stand out on the platform.

If your brand is looking to connect with professionals, LinkedIn could be a beneficial platform for you.

Running an advertising campaign on social media is one of the best ways to put your product in front of interested people. And while it can be complex, it can also drive your company growth and provide an ROI for your company.


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