From Record Label to LinkedIn

Going from working with record labels to working for marketing brands is certainly an unusual career path to take. Yet, somehow, that is exactly what happened to at least two of us.

The Music Makes the Marketers

August 1, 1981, MTV hits the air and I know I’m going to work in the music industry. After high school, I leave Florida for Georgia because I want to see more “hometown” R.E.M. shows and my dream starts to become a reality. From starting out as a Capitol Record college rep, to close to nine years at Arista and RCA Records as a marketing and sales executive, I was in. But then the bottom started to fall out of the record industry, so I moved to radio, where I ran the marketing and promotion departments for some of the biggest and best radio stations in the country– including those in Atlanta, Seattle, and San Francisco.

These early jobs helped bring me to my current position at Forward Push as an inbound marketer. I find myself regularly drawing upon my experiences in the music business as I help establish brands for our clients. Earlier this year I came across industry leader Jason Miller and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was not the only one who began their professional life working for a record label.

jason-millerJason Miller is now the Senior Content Marketing Manager for LinkedIn, but for more than a decade he worked at Sony Music with dreams of being a record executive. He soon made the same realization that I did, however. The industry was quickly fading and for a young professional filled with potential, Jason had to look for something else. He found his way into the B2B marketing industry and realized that much of the work he had done at Sony translated into his new field. His experience in music helped to set him apart and create his own personal brand that has propelled him forward to success.

Jason Miller’s Rock n Roll Marketing Path

Jason has established himself at the forefront of the marketing industry. He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller Welcome to the Funnel Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social and Content Marketing up to 11 and leads the global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, where he helps brands leverage LinkedIn to effectively reach their target audience and deliver the ROI they need to achieve their goals.

Jason understands that branding is not something just done by companies themselves –  it is also necessary for professionals. Jason’s talk at INBOUND 2015 will dive into the idea a personal brand. He will explore how his background helped to shape his professional career and how he was able to combine his musical passions with his marketing insights to craft an incredible career path that fit him precisely.

welcome-to-the-funnel-book-jason-millerJason’s talk promises to deliver on the core of what makes the INBOUND conference, and inbound marketing itself, so fantastic. In the world of inbound, no two brands are exactly alike. Effectively reaching people means casting yourself to show what sets you apart from the others and inviting people to come see what you have to say. By taking his unique background at Sony Music and using his passion for rock n roll (mostly metal), Jason easily demonstrates that the path he has taken differs from just about any other marketing leader you might meet – and that is a huge part of what makes him great. I look forward to being inspired in my personal branding and learning more about what helped him bridge the gap from music to marketing.

Jason Miller’s INBOUND 2015 Bold Talk entitled  Alive and Amplified: A Rock and Roll Guide for Developing Your Personal Brand is on Friday 9/11 at 10:30am.

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