Twitter and TV

If you’re watching a popular TV show, its a good bet that you’re tweeting about it as well. According to the just released Nielsen’s Twitter Study, the volume of tweets related to a particular broadcast “caused significant changes in live TV ratings” 29 percent of the time.

What shows get tweeted the most?

Nielsen broke down their preliminary results by genre:

44%: Unscripted competition shows
37%: Comedy
28%: Sports
18%: Drama

“Using time series analysis, we saw a statistically significant causal influence indicating that a spike in TV ratings can increase the volume in tweets, and, conversely, a spike in tweets can increase tune-in,” said Paul Donato, Nielsen’s chief research officer. “This rigorous, research-based approach provides our clients and the media industry with a better understanding of the interplay between Twitter and broadcast TV viewing.”

About the study: Nielsen analyzed live ratings and Twitter activity for 221 broadcast program episodes. According to the company’s SocialGuide unit, Americans in the first quarter of 2013 generated 300 million tweets about 9,000 TV shows.

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By Marc Apple