New Facebook Business Profile Changes

You Have Until August 1 to Make These Changes

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and Facebook has just announced that they are making changes to your business profile.

In your business profile there are a lot of places that you can share information about your business with people on your page. They include, your mission, your company overview, your biography, your affiliation, and your personal interests.

Well guess what, those are all going away. August first you’ll no longer have the option to put anything in the mission, company overview, biography, affiliation, or the personal interest section.

In fact, Facebook is telling business owners that they need to merge all of those things that they want people to still see that are in those boxes into your Facebook description.

So, I’m encouraging you, before August first, go in, see what you’ve filled out, and see how you can take that information, and make your Facebook description a little bit better.

You’ve got until August first to do that on your Facebook business page.


Marc Apple

Marc Apple

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