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How Startups & Tech Companies Can Stand Apart From The Crowd

Hi there, you’re in a San Francisco tech company? Or you’re in a Silicon Valley startup? Welcome to the party, and try not to get lost in the millions of other people milling about.

As HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley astutely noticed, it’s hard to go anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area without running into someone working at a tech company. Funded or unfunded, cutting-edge or a new spin, established or straight-out-of-college, it’s easy for tech companies to become one giant blur. The problem is that in the age of social media and Kickstarter, visibility is as vital for success as the actual product.

startup-marketingThat’s where we can help. At Forward Push Media, our marketing services cater to the needs of San Francisco tech companies and Silicon Valley startups. We’re fast, we’re local, and we can help your brand stick out among the extremely packed crowd, just like we did for two recent clients:

  • Capriza is getting noticed for its mobilization solutions that expedite the transition of legacy content into modern apps. In addition to creating their visual brand elements, we created infographics, white papers, and case studies for them. Capriza’s funding is at $23.5M
  • N3TWORK was described by The New York Times as “the love child of Flipboard and Twitter, with some Pinterest and Reddit somewhere in the bloodline”; the short version is that it’s an innovative way to filter, curate, and digest content. We built their website and focused on a simple, focused message and call to action. N3TWORK’s funding is at $12M.

The tech space is filled with cases where innovation is getting drowned out by the Silicon Valley din. In both of these cases, we looked at identity and value proposition, then delivered final products that emphasized and distinguished brand elements. With the right message and exposure, the tables can be turned: instead of hearing “You work for a tech company?” the conversation becomes “You work for THAT tech company?”

Does your tech company or startup need help standing apart from the crowd? Our marketing services can help. Contact Forward Push today to see how you can take the spotlight from your startup competitors.

By Marc Apple

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