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Reaching Millennials Through Images & Social Media

Millennials — love them or hate them, they’re the driving force behind technology and much of today’s commerce. When it comes to local business marketing, their “always on” lifestyle means that they’re on the cutting edge of communication and socializing. What else would you expect from the first generation to grow up with the Internet? And while Generation Xers and Baby Boomers tend to focus on the Facebook/LinkedIn side of social media, Millennials are all about image. Consider these facts:


  • 51% of Millennials use Instagram
  • 42% of Millennials use Snapchat
  • 31% of Millennials post on Instagram everyday
  • Vine (videos) and Instagram are 2014’s fastest growing Millennial social networks

 Source: YPulse, March 2014 

For local business marketing, that means that traditional avenues (coupons, advertising) and even older non-traditional avenues (Facebook) may not be as effective as working with bleeding-edge image-based social media. Studies have shown that Millennials are less interested in physical products and more interested in capturing/sharing experiences. So while they may go into brick-and-mortar businesses to purchase something, they also want to take a photo and share their purchases with friends and family. Have you ever wondered why your younger social media friends take so many photos of their food-truck lunches? That’s why!

Knowing all that, how can local businesses connect with the Millennial demographic? The goal is to generate business through the medium of Instagram/Snapchat. When marketing through these channels, the message should shift towards the experience of the product/service rather than the value. In terms of engagement, think creatively to encourage and reward activity on these social networks. For example, a local restaurant can offer a discount for anyone who shares images of their food via Instagram or Snapchat during their meal. An idea such as this propagates the local business across the user’s social network while feeding into the Millennial instinct for connecting through images.

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By Marc Apple

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