Is Instagram Organic Reach Declining?

Sounds Like What We Saw on Facebook, Right?

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and if you’ve been posting on Instagram for your business, have you noticed that your organic reach is getting less and less every day?

Does that sound familiar to what you might have seen on Facebook with your business profile?

Well, it seems to be happening on Instagram as well. Some of the research firms that follow this closely are saying that they are starting to see it across the board that business pages on Instagram are getting less and less reach.

We have not noticed it here at Forward Push, but we do believe that it is probably coming.

Instagram is now putting out more ways for you to advertise, ie: pay to have your post and your advertisements put in front of more consumers, more users on Instagram.

So be prepared. It’s definitely coming.

This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forwad Push. My name is Marc Apple and Forward Push is a marketing agency that works with small businesses and startups to help them navigate the ever changing Internet. For more information, go to

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