Facebook and Small Businesses

Small businesses are saying no to Facebook promoted ads

One complaint we hear from businesses with a Facebook page is the number of followers that actually see their posts. The fact is that a good Facebook business page, with a fair amount of engagement, might only be reaching a 1/4 or less of their fans with each post. This can be very frustrating, especially knowing that Facebook will be more than happy to charge you to reach more of your followers through a Promoted Post.

Some small business owners have had enough and have filed a petition to ask Facebook to make exceptions for SMB owners by not charging them. When contacted by The Huffington Post, a Facebook spokeswoman called the concerns “completely understandable,” and reminded the online news source that Facebook offers both organic and promoted posts.

When asked we remind our clients that they should not rely solely on Facebook for their marketing engagement efforts. A great blog post, that invites comments, promoted through an email to your fan base can also create as much, if not, more engagment. When this happens, offer the option for people to share their comment on their own Facebook page. You’ll reach your fans and more plus be adding content to your site. A win/win for everyone.

By Marc Apple