San Francisco Translation Service Company Rebrands for 2014

With more than 20 years of professional interpretation and translation experience, InterStar Translations, a Bay Area company, led by Cyril Flerov, has debuted a new website. The new website allows users to easily find a list and descriptions of their services and includes a very active, knowledge-based blog.

When we started the creative process with the InterStar Translations team, we sat down with them to review their current client list, target markets, and discussed how they wanted to be perceived when a visitor arrives at their website.

We determined that our goal was to reach:

  • Medium to large sized companies and corporations based in the U.S. and internationally
  • US companies working in and with Russia
  • Foreign (including Russian) companies working in the U.S.
  • Professional conference organizers, travel agencies, conference centers, hotel conference facilities

While making sure to attract those looking for a reliable interpretation partner business:

  • Who is able to support large projects
  • Specializes in highly technical topics
  • Offers unique personalized services

We also determined that the new InterStar Translation website should include a business marketing video to give the company a human face. We filmed Flerov on location, giving him the opportunity to share with viewers his background, the company’s qualifications, and who they serve.


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By Marc Apple