How to Use Testimonials and Reviews on Your Website

Have You Placed Your Reviews in These 6 Places Yet?

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute, and today I wanted to talk to you about testimonials, reviews. You’ve heard how important they are because just like everyone else, when you’re looking for something, you go out and you look for reviews and testimonials before making a decision.

Well, I can tell you people are doing that when they come to your website and they do a search for you. So we’ve got 6 places today that I wanted to share where you can take these reviews that you are getting on Google, on Facebook or any of these other places where your business has an opportunity to get reviews and make sure that they are on your website. So let’s dive in. What are the 6 places where you can add reviews and testimonials to your website?

The first page quite obvious. The first thing that people see the home page on your home page have a place where you can highlight your best testimonials and don’t set it and forget it. Always go back and update your testimonials with new ones and the best ones. The second place that you can have testimonials is the opposite of what I just said. Now we know that a good portion of your traffic is going to go to the home page, but it’s not necessarily the page that everyone lands on first.

So you need to figure out what are the landing pages that people are coming to other than the home page.

I need to make sure that I’ve got testimonials and reviews on those pages as well.

The third place, again, quite obvious, having a page that just says testimonials or reviews. Here you can put all of your testimonials, all of your reviews. And because it’s on your own website, you have the liberty to create new headlines, bold certain words, make this page work for you. The fourth place that you can have testimonials and reviews on your website is on your pages that either have your products or your services. This is great if you get reviews that talk about the things that you do. Have those testimonials on those exact pages. This is definitely going to increase your conversion rate.

The fifth place that you can have reviews and testimonials is in the footer of your website. The footer carries out through the entire website.

So having a selection of testimonials right there as the user goes through your website, they’ll see these testimonials on every page.

And lastly, you want to make sure that you’ve got reviews and testimonials on your contact page. This is the last place someone’s probably going right when they’re about to submit their information. Ask you a question, why not let them know they’re making a great decision as other people have given you raving reviews. So there we go, 6 places on your website that you can put reviews and testimonials to make sure they’re working for you.

This has been Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push. I hope you learned something today. And I’ll see you next week. Thanks.

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