How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Law Firm

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one way that firms without significant advertising budgets can compete with law firms using billboards, buses, and daytime TV commercials. While those placements can improve brand recognition, it’s more valuable to be where people are searching: online.

Using PPC advertising for your firm can help increase lead generation to help you reach your growth goals. But before we get into our strategy tips, let’s review exactly what pay-per-click advertising is.


Building a Foundation in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click is a type of advertising where companies pay, yes, per click. Instead of a blanket cost per 30 or 60-day advertising period like outdoor signage or a TV or radio spot, PPC lets you pick a budget that works for your firm.

This makes it much more approachable for smaller firms with limited advertising budgets.

You purchase these visits by placing a bid on specific keywords related to your firm. If you win the auction against other advertisers bidding for that keyword, then your ad is shown. If your bid isn’t high enough, your ad won’t be shown.

Most PPC advertising comes through search engines like Google and Bing, platforms that offer access to their millions of daily searches – for the right price. But bidding is only one part of a PPC campaign. You also need the text that accompanies the link to your website.

It’s important that these ads are engaging with a strong call to action so users are enticed to click to head to your website.

We always recommend using multiple ads per campaign so you can quickly assess which are working and which need some improvement. Start with five ads per campaign, and refine as your campaign runs.

Another important quality about PPC advertising is that it is highly trackable compared to outdoor or TV placements. We use URL parameters and other tools available from the chosen search engine to help us maximize the best performing campaigns.

Now that we have the foundation for PPC set, it’s time to look at how it can work for your law firm.

Making PPC Work for Your Firm

Whether small or large, your law firm can maximize PPC advertising to increase lead generation to grow your practice. It’s competitive, which can increase costs, but even then, firms with limited advertising budgets can still see success.

This is done primarily through a hyper localized strategy.

Choose keywords that drill down into the exact problems that potential clients are looking to solve. Instead of bidding on “divorce lawyer”, bid on “divorce lawyer buckhead ga”. This will reach a more specific audience than “atlanta divorce lawyer”.

It’s also important to include keywords related to specific types of cases you handle. To continue with our example, a divorce lawyer will typically have better results bidding on “contested divorce lawyer” than “divorce lawyer”.

Adding a modifier will reach those who are looking for information related to their specific situation and who will be more likely to click on an ad that addresses it.

We used this strategy for Speights Law, a criminal and family law firm in Canton, Georgia. We worked together to determine their goals, then we created a strategy that delivered on those goals and helped grow their practice.

Now we turn to the part of this article that addresses what you’re really wondering: how much will this cost?


Choosing Your Law Firm’s PPC Budget

Choosing a PPC budget is often one of the most difficult decisions a firm makes. It’s a long-term commitment in order to see results, so you want to start at a maintainable budget. However, you also want to spend enough to produce results.

One way to choose your budget is to reverse engineer it by beginning with the amount of traffic you want and the expected bid amount. (You can find this in your chosen platform’s keyword planner.)

Let’s say, working with even numbers for the sake of the example, you want 1,000 clicks a month with the expectation that 10% of those will turn into calls. With an expected Cost-per-Click (CPC) bid of $3 per word, your budget would need to be $3,000.

If you aren’t sure where to start, or have a set budget that you want to maximize, working with an experienced marketing agency can help you launch a PPC campaign that will bring in leads that you can then turn into clients.

Launching a PCC advertising campaign for your law firm requires:

  • a mix of keyword choices
  • engaging ad text
  • a bid strategy that aligns with your budget and your goals.

By focusing on these three aspects you can improve your results to bring in new clients.

If a marketing team to manage your online advertising is on your to-do list for the coming quarter, let’s talk.


By Marc Apple

Marc Apple is recognized as a leader in the marketing industry and has 20+ years of experience helping businesses of all sizes improve their digital marketing. He specializes in website design, SEO, social media, and paid search programs. He is a frequent contributor to other marketing websites and speaks regularly about marketing to small business owners and startups. To learn about Marc and to contact him, visit his author bio page.


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