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Geo-Targeted Marketing For Small And Medium Local Businesses

In today’s always-on media environment, it can be difficult to stick out from the crowd. As a Marin advertising and marketing agency for small and medium local businesses, we see this firsthand. In many situations, success stems from using creativity to build a smart geo-targeted campaign, one that gets your brand in front of an appropriate audience.

The best part about this? You don’t need an extravagant budget to get noticed.

Case in point: we recently worked with a technical college looking to stand apart from the crowd. With some creative thinking, the school was able to advertise on the local CBS affiliate’s morning show — the exact demographic the school wanted. Rather than buy a traditional commercial slot, the school acted as a “coffee cup sponsor” with its logo displayed on a coffee mug. Anchors would mention the school on camera, and the school’s administrators and students showed up to discuss what they did. This lent a personal touch to the school’s advertising campaign, providing a name and face to the brand while receiving repeated mentions for reinforcement. And all it took was a single cup of coffee.

Watch how IBMC, a for-profit career college based in Colorado, was able to receive numerous morning show mentions on CBS.

Forward Push specializes in Marin advertising and marketing for small and medium local businesses. Need a creative marketing solution on a budget? Contact Forward Push to discover the possibilities.

By Marc Apple

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