How To Get Back Lost Google Rankings

5 Things You Can Do On Your Website

Transcript from the video:

Hey there, you’re listening to Your Marketing Minute an audioand video podcast from marketing agency Forward Push and I just got off the phone with the client.

We were reviewing his Google rankings and he noticed that some of the keywords, especially the ones that really drive his business, had decreased over the last eight weeks and he was asking me, “How can I get
these back?”

Well, I told him 5 ways that we are already implementing on his website to help gain back the momentum that he had lost in a Google search.

First, let’s start off with number one, schema, S-C-H-E-M-A. Now schema is invisible to users, but it’s very visible to search engine spiders. And schema markup, which is basically code, lets a Google spider, the thing that is reading your website, know what is on each page. So, for instance, schema markup might be your COVID-19 update. It might be your hours. It might be the author. It might be what type of page is this, so that Google understands where to put it in the search results.

Number two thing that you can do to help increase your search rankings concentrate on local SEO in particular your Google My Business profile. Is it up to date? Do you have the right hours? Are you posting on it? Are you adding pictures? Are you making sure that anything that has to do with your local community you’re talking about it on your Google My Business page?

The third thing that you can do to help gain your rankings back if you’ve lost them is having AMP Pages, A-M-P. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Now Google started AMP pages back in 2016 and what it does is it strips away some of the unnecessary things to make sure that your website loads faster and in Google’s mind it might take out some large images. It might condense the content so that it’s easily readable on a mobile device. That’s what AMP pages are.

The fourth and fifth thing you can do to make sure that you’re trying to get back the rankings you might have lost are FAQ pages and voice search. FAQ pages – you want to make sure that you’ve got a page that easily answers the top 10 questions that your clients or prospects are asking. So that might be How long does it take to ship out? Your opening and close hours? Maybe it’s your COVID-19 response. These are great FAQ answers and then, lastly, kind of dovetails right into it is voice search.

Making sure the content on your website is easily digestible so that it can be played and voiced by an Alexa device or a Google Assistant device.

So there you go, there are five 5 things that you can do to make sure that you are trying to gain back some of the placements you’ve lost in website rankings.

This has been Your Marketing Minute. My name’s Marc Apple, and I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks.

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