How To Choose A Digital Marketing Agency

Ask These 6 Questions To Start With

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and today I wanted to talk to you about finding a digital marketing agency, but why would you need one? Well, there’s probably 6 things as a small business on why you would want to use a marketing agency for some help.

Let’s go over those real quickly. Website design, social media, writing blog articles for you, taking care of your SEO, advertising your business.

And lastly, creating videos for you to talk about your business and your customers.

So right off the bat, there are 6 things a digital marketing agency can help you with. But how do you find the right one?

Let’s take a look. The first question is, do they understand your market?

Have they worked with similar clients, so they understand the space that you’re in?

Number two, how well do they get your client base? Do they understand your customers? Do they understand who you’re trying to get to walk in the door, call you or fill out a form?

The third thing to talk about when you are interviewing digital marketing agencies for your business is your own expectations. How much do you want them to do for you and how much are you going to do? Is this going to be a project where the agency is going to be doing everything? Or is this going to be a project where maybe you’ll be doing some of the social media post and they’ll be doing some as well?

The fourth thing when talking to a digital marketing agency is to talk about budget, bring this up sooner than later. There are so many things that you can do, but you’ve got to make sure that you have the funds and the investment to pay for them. So talk about budget right away and understand what the limitations are of a smaller budget and what a larger budget can do for you.

Number five, analytics, and metrics. Know right away what kind of data is the agency going to provide once you get started with them, will you be able to see how your website is doing, how your social media posts are doing and anything else that can be tracked? How are they going to show it to you?

And the last thing when interviewing digital marketing agencies is really finding out how they’re going to work with you.

Are they going to be a good fit? Are you going to like their process, their style? This is super important and you want to make sure you understand it before you get into a relationship with a digital marketing agency.

So there you go. We went over 6 things that a digital marketing agency can do for your small business. And we talked about the 6 questions that you should start asking when interviewing a digital marketing agency.

This has been Your Marketing Minute. I’m Marc Apple and I hope you have a great day. Thanks.

Marc Apple

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