How To Be Successful On LinkedIn

It’s Not As Hard As You Think

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When I say the word LinkedIn you probably think about job hunters, but I’m here to tell you that LinkedIn is not only for people looking for a job. This is Episode 133 of Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, a video and audio podcast for small businesses and start ups.

LinkedIn’s got about 660 million members on it. In fact, LinkedIn gets most of its traffic about 32 from people based in the U. S. And like I said at the beginning of this episode, it’s not only people looking for jobs. In fact, a recent study found that 98 of Fortune 500 companies use LinkedIn to tell stories, network, and yes, they do use it to recruit new employees.

And today I wanted to give you 4 tips on how you can increase engagement on your LinkedIn profile, and the 1st one is that it starts with creating a great impression. You got to make sure that you have a headline that stands out. So underneath your name, you can put what your job classifications is, what your title is, or you can stand out a little bit by writing a sentence about how you actually help people or be a little creative on how you describe what you do that leads us to making sure on your profile that you show off your expertise on your profile. You can do more than just put where you’ve worked. You can upload documents. You can upload videos. You can add full length articles, go ahead and take advantage of these free offerings that LinkedIn allows you to do on your profile.

Lastly, to make sure you’re creating a great first impression is having amazing headshot. A selfie or a picture where you cut out the person standing next to you, but we can still see their shoulder is not a great headshot. Go ahead invest a photographer that can take a great headshot of you.

Second tip. Create a posting schedule. If getting on LinkedIn gonna be tough for you to do every day, multiple times a day, or whenever, add to your calendar a posting schedule. Maybe it’s three times a week. You go on LinkedIn for 15 minutes a day when you have it scheduled and you are engaging with people that really is sort of a subset of point number two is engagement. Make sure that you are commenting with people you’re talking with, people you’re lending to the conversation, and when you’re posting something you’re backing it up with why you are posting it.

Which brings us to the third point. I know what you’re going to post. I like to keep a little list in my phone about things that I see comments that I want to make on LinkedIn. And I refer back to that every time I get onto LinkedIn. So go ahead and try that. Keep a list so that you know what you’re going to post. And lastly, when it comes to being engaging in having engagement on your LinkedIn profile, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. If you see someone posting something and you want to comment directly to them by creating a connection, go ahead and send that introduction. But make sure you let the person know why you’re reaching out to them, right. So instead of just a blanket invite to connect with you, let them know that you enjoyed something that they recently posted about or have a comment to a comment that they made. But go ahead. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, but go ahead and make it worthwhile.

So there you go. Those are 4 quick tips on how you can increase your engagement on LinkedIn to make it a better platform and more successful for you.

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