How To Add Your Business to Google Maps

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5 Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1: Create Your Google My Business Account.

Step 2: Add Your Business’s Location.

Step 3: Do You Serve Customers Outside of Your Location?

Step 4: Add Your Contact Details.

Step 5: Verify Your Address.

Follow These Directions

With a 70% market share, Google Maps is the most used maps app on the market. Which means, along with Yelp, that it’s an ideal way for people to find and get to your business if you have a storefront. Adding your business to Google Maps is quick and painless, so let’s get started.

Step 1: Create Your Google My Business Account

Your Google My Business listing is one of the best free ways to improve your visibility in Google searches. It provides potential customers with more context while giving you an opportunity to engage with reviewers. By optimizing your listing, you can grow your business.

It’s also how you add your business to Google Maps. If you’ve already created your Google My Business account, you can skip to the next step.

First, login to and sign in using your Google account. You’ll then see a screen where you can search for or add your business. If you or a colleague have not added your company, you’ll need to add it.

Select your category from the dropdown list.



Step 2: Add Your Business’s Location

Now that your account is setup, it’s time to add your location. Because you want to add your business to Google Maps, select “yes”. “No” is for businesses without a storefront. Add your complete address, making sure to double check all the details.


Add some final contact information, and select “Next”.


If you have multiple locations, you can go to “Manage Locations” and “Add Location” to repeat the process for each location. You can also upload them in bulk if needed.

Step 3: Do You Serve Customers Outside of Your Location?

If you visit or deliver to your customers, you can let them know your service area by including it on your Google My Business profile.


You’ll then need to input your service areas by City. Although this step is optional, we recommend not skipping it.


Step 4: Add Your Contact Details

Next, in order for customers to get in touch with you, include your phone number and website address.


Step 5: Verify Your Address


The last step is verifying your address. Google does this to limit fraud across their platform, and it’s important to complete. Without it, your business won’t appear on Google Maps and Google My Business functionality will be limited. Currently the only way to verify a business with a physical address is through a physical postcard with a verification code.


Once you receive this, you’ll enter it under “Verify Now”, which is on the Home page. Once the verification process is complete, you’re live! Your current and potential customers can now easily find your business on Google Maps

Now that your business is on Google Maps, you’ve increased your visibility online and have made it easier for current and prospective customers to find you. And if you’re ready to take your Google listing further, check out our Advanced Tips to Maximize Your Google My Business Listing article.

Bonus Video For Small Businesses That Have Physical Locations


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