How Long Do People Watch Online Videos?

Consider your business marketing video to be an extended commercial. We’re used to seeing 30-second advertisements on TV and as the gateway to sites with premium content. Your business marketing video has more to say and unlike commercials, will be intentionally played by the viewer, so you can stretch the time out a bit further. In most cases, we suggest longer than 45 seconds, but nothing above 75 seconds (1:15).

Of course, you shouldn’t stretch or cram content just to meet those guidelines. The most important part of any business marketing video is the message. Whether you’re in-and-out at a crisp forty five seconds or you utilize the whole time, the goal is to provide viewers with your value proposition, your product/service offering, and a firm call-to-action. Remember to keep your content focused — if the business marketing video is built around a particular service or feature, don’t veer off into other tangents, even if you think it provides value.

In the Internet world, the general rule-of-thumb is to give the user what they asked for and not much more. Keep it short, straightforward, and professional so that viewers are engaged without being put off by length.