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What is the Best Length for Blog Content?

On blogs, the value and usefulness of the content should dictate the word count. That being said, our general target is 500 – 1,200 words — which sounds like a lot when you’re not a writer and you’ve only had those types of targets on high school essays. However, you’ll find that most professionally written blog posts fall into this range.

There are a number of reasons as to why this number is practical. First off, consider people’s attention spans when reading blog posts. This isn’t a long-form article in The New Yorker; in most cases, they’re there for bite-size information. Second, that word count is generally what search engine spiders prefer, and that preference is probably driven by the first point.

Of course, there are instances when longer is more appropriate. At Forward Push, we may stretch out the word count for more technical content such as guides and case studies. On the other hand, if it’s written as a blog post and simply providing enough valuable information to have a larger word count, the post can be published as is or broken up into two parts. The latter idea is a sensible strategy to drive repeat traffic and help gain social media momentum with your content.

However, the bottom line is that it all comes down to the content. We don’t stuff excess info just to make a word count and we don’t cut relevant content simply to squeeze it into a certain mold. These are guidelines and most cases conform to it, but there is always flexibility when it’s appropriate.

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