Website Design and Development

Every Forward Push WordPress website design is unique. The design, feature selection, and build are based on every client’s specific branding and communication needs. In other words, everything is custom made. That delivers a tailored approach for all projects, but that also means that we can’t commit to a firm date without taking a closer look at individual projects.

What is involved with custom WordPress design and development? From a design perspective, it’s important to note that we don’t use any templates or existing WordPress themes; we start from a blank canvas and never, ever create the same website twice. This means that there is a dedicated concept and design period to ensure that the look and layout meet all of your marketing and user interface needs.

time-to-create-a-websiteFrom a functional perspective, we use a mix of off-the-shelf and custom-coded plugins. Plenty of available plugins provide the necessary functionality to get the job done. In situations when something needs to be a little more specific, we also have a staff of talented developers that can create custom plugins to deliver the perfect fit.

Based on these variables, most WordPress websites for a small to medium sized business can take between four and ten weeks from start to finish. Once we review your site parameters and get a sense of scope and function, we will provide a firmer estimate.