It’s More Than Identity and Visual Messaging

Graphic design is an individual process. For example, a technology start-up isn’t going to have the same branding strategy as an educational institution. In fact, you could take two technology start-ups and place them side-by-side; chances are, they’re not going to have the same branding strategy. (If they are, that’s certainly a problem.)

professional-website-designDesign has to be as much about identity and visual messaging as it is about aesthetics and clarity. Since every business differs in that unique stew of value proposition, target audience, company history, and service/product offering, it’s important that the design speaks to those elements in an effective manner. Our team of professional graphic artists begin their design process with a detailed client intake session. The answers given during those sessions help determine the direction and strategy of the design. These questions cover a wide range of customer information, including topics such as:

  • Company history
  • Design and branding goals
  • Target audience
  • Earlier designs and brand iterations
  • Customer preferences

Design is a collaborative process, and as such, initial visual layouts are just the beginning. Through feedback and iteration, the design team and the client help to shape and mold different aspects until the finished product is unveiled. The result is customized artwork ready for usage in branding and identity pieces.