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Will it Sound Like Me?

The voice behind a brand is a key part of content strategy. This is determined by a number of factors: audience, established identity, goal and purpose of the blog and the individual post. Much of this is defined in the early intake session and preliminary discussions. In general, one of our staff writers will be involved with this process. At the same time, our team will build a creative brief so that everyone is on the same page.

A general approach to blog posts is to keep them a little less formal than full articles and press material. Audiences tend to treat blogs a little differently and this translates into how they are written and the tone used for the piece. This can certainly be adjusted from post to post, topic to topic, but that is the big-picture approach used for ghostblogging. The amount of formality also changes quite a bit based on your target audience. For example, a local business with a more conservative older demographic should adopt a more formal tone compared to a tech startup targeting younger app users.

The other variable involved in selecting voice comes down to the purpose of the blog. If the blog is used purely for news updates, the tone should reflect this. However, if it is used as an extension of the company’s social media identity, then there is more flexibility in voice

In all situations, your project is given an absolute customized treatment to ensure that the blog’s voice lines up with your identity, audience, and goals.

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