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Using Email to Market Your Business

Building your email database is a project in itself, at least if you plan on doing it the right (ethical) way. Those who prefer to be unscrupulous can simply copy and paste any emails lifted from across the Internet, but in addition to being poor practice, that almost always ensures that the receiver will never actually want to view the email. In fact, that could damage your brand out of sheer annoyance.

Thus, the right way to go about building your email database is to make sure you’re delivering something the receiver wants. A simple way to do that is to follow these guidelines:

  • Provide quality content: Send out enough quality material and you’ll get readers looking forward to your emails.
  • Use clickthrough offers: Reward views and clicks with further downloadable information, such as an ebook, podcast, or infographic.
  • Reward email signups: Lock a resource or tool behind a gateway that’s only accessible by submitting an email address.
  • Create a contest or giveaway: Contests are easy ways to collect opt-in email addresses — simply use the email address as the entry fee.
  • Use social media: Engage your social media base to sign up for exclusive content on your email newsletters.

Getting email addresses doesn’t have to be a struggle. By offering meaningful engagement, you’ll quickly build up your email database — and by providing quality useful content, you’ll guarantee that those names stay as subscribers for the long haul.

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