New Survey Shows Content Marketing, Retargeting, Email

A new survey from Chief Marketer shows that many companies are focusing on acquiring new customers, while relatively few are only looking to retain or reactivate current customers. The survey reveals that marketers are using email as the most common prospecting tool (86.7%), while content marketing, retargeting ads, and website sign-ups are all seeing the biggest percentage changes in use.

– 60.2% say they plan to use content marketing, up from 31% from last year.

– Up almost 20% from 56.3%, two-thirds plan to use their website’s registration/opt-in to acquire new customers.

– 29.7% plan to use retargeting, up almost 50%

These weren’t the only areas of growth:

– Email (86.7% vs. 80.3%)

– Live events/street teams (32% vs. 26.7%)

– PPC or display ads (45.1% vs. 37.8%)

– Social networks (67.5% vs. 57.3%)

Email continues to be a big driver of engagement for many companies. Three-quarters of those using email to prospect, reported getting prospect’s email addresses from the website’s sign-ups/opt-ins forms. Marketer’s like email for its relatively low cost (71.6%), its ability to track and measure response (56.7%), and the ability to personalize (46.1%).

Email Marketing: Build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals

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By Marc Apple

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