The Power Of A Business Marketing Video

Since the evolution of broadband over the past decade, business marketing videos have become increasingly important for local businesses. With smartphones now quickly loading video over wi-fi and 4G networks, this has become even more so. In fact, a recent study by Animoto Inc. reveals just why video is such a critical platform. Their findings show that:

  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful for purchasing decisions
  • 77% of consumers see videos as a positive reflection on customer engagement
  • 71% of consumers see videos as a positive impression of the company as a whole
  • 58% of consumers see videos as a positive sign that a company is trustworthy

In short, a business marketing video can help a local business deliver a message and build a customer relationship. At Forward Push, we see video as a means to connect a client with a specific target demographic. In some ways, such as with our video for Stoffer Wealth Advisors, it helps differentiate the company’s philosophy and background to stand out among a crowded field:

For someone like a chiropractor, a key to customer conversion is building trust. We made a short business marketing video for San Rafael’s Vibrance Chiropractic that showcased client testimonials while getting to know the man behind the practice:

Other approaches are also available, such as offering a basic rundown of services or explaining how a local business fulfills a significant industry void:

In all cases, a business marketing video delivers the message in an easy-to-digest format that has been proven to stick with viewers and ultimately influence their decision-making. Best of all, local businesses don’t have to break the bank to produce these videos — and the results will undoubtedly eclipse the investment many times over.

Can a business marketing video make a difference for you? See what options are available for video and beyond by getting a free video consultation with a Forward Push team member.

By Marc Apple

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