Collaborating for a Successful Website Design Project

Client direction is one of the most important drivers of any graphic design work. As every client’s situation is different — branding history, target audience, value proposition, etc. — it’s important that designs reflect that. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to branding, and to make sure that every client is satisfied, we kick things off with a detailed client intake session.

During the intake session, we review a wide range of topics to cover what makes the client unique and how to deliver that message. This session is also the perfect opportunity for clients to ask questions or provide specific requests and guidelines to help mold the design into its finished form.

websites-design-projectDesign is an iterative process, and clients will get their say every step of the way. Design comps will be provided to the client for review. Feedback is crucial; after all, you know your business best, so our goal is to take that information and condense it into a visual element that is equal parts message, identity, and value.

Of course, some clients want to be hands off, and if that’s the way you want to operate, we can work with it. However, we do encourage client involvement during any design process to make sure that this is an absolute perfect fit for business’s past, present, and future.