Google My Business: New Service Area Options

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Google My Business Has Made Some Changes

Transcript from the video:

Hey there, it’s Marc from Forward Push and I’ve got some big news for SABs regarding GMB. What do all those initials mean? Well, SAB, service area business, and GMB, Google My Business. So in the past, if you’ve registered your business with Google, you would put in one address. They’d send you a postcard, your account would be verified, and Google would say, all right, the city that this business registered in, that must be their service area. Now, of course, this is a complete disadvantage if you cover many different neighborhoods or many different cities. Well, what I need you to do now is go back to your Google My Business account, because you can now start putting in all of your service areas. You can list the cities, you can list the zip codes. This is a game changer for service area businesses. You’re no longer confined to the one city that you registered your business in. Go ahead and do it now. If you need help, let me know. This has been the Forward Push Marketing Minute, and I’ll see you again.]]>