Google My Business Customer Messaging

Have You Updated Your Profile to Receive Messages?

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Yeah! Episode ?! We did it. This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push and thanks so much for listening.

Like I just said, This is Episode 100. I started this journey last Thanksgiving where I made a promise to myself that at least once a week there would be a new episode available for you to listen to, and I’m happy to say that, that is true.

Every week there’s been 1, 2 or 3 episodes for you to listen to. And they’ve ranged on topics from Google My Business to SEO to social media, all news tips and hacks for small businesses and start ups.

And today I want to talk about Google My Business. Google My Business is making an update on how customers can reach out to you.

Typically, right now, they are sending a message to you through text messaging. They go on your Google My Business profile, they send a message and you’re receiving a notice via text.

Well, that is now changing. It’s gonna change in November, but you can go in and set your settings now in your Google My Business profile to start receiving messages within the app.

So here’s how you do it. Real simple.

Open your Google, My Business app, tap on the Customer’s tab, select Messages and simply turn on messaging in the app.

So 4 things you need to do and you’ll start receiving these notifications that customers are reaching out to you through your Google My Business profile. Well, this has been Episode 100.

Thanks for listening and Episode 101 will be coming at you soon.

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