Can Twitter the 140 characters or less service help you find your next favorite band? They certainly thinks so with the debut of the Twitter #Music service which is available starting today for the iPhone through the App Store starting today.

Twitter’s #Music will help you the most popular music on Twitter and music based on the bands you currently follow. The app is centered on four individual pages: Popular, Emerging, Suggested, and #NowPlaying.

  • The Popular tab shows you new music that’s trending across Twitter.
  • The Emerging tab shows you hidden talent found in Tweets.
  • The Suggested tab shows you artist you might like based on the artist you already follow.
  • The #NowPlaying tab shows you music your friends are listening to or tweeting about.

Our favorite parts of the new Twitter #Music app:

  • The design is flawless, very slick, and very easy to navigate. The grid navigation makes it easy to tap an artist and start listening to their music right away.
  • The artists and bands take center stage. Check out an artist’s Twitter profile, see who they follow and listen to with a few taps.
  • Want to fast forward or rewind a song? Just tap on the spinning disc and use your finger to control the music.
  • You don’t have to leave the app to listen to music thanks to partnerships with Rdio, Spotify and iTunes. If those aren’t your preferred music providers, don’t worry; Twitter is working with other additional music providers now.

Could Twitter’s #Music come out of an idea from Dick Costolo’s Management class?

By Marc Apple