Generate Qualified Leads for Your Law Practice From Video

The Essential Video Library

The law is a competitive space. It can be a challenge to stand out from your competition, but you can get an advantage by creating a library of essential videos.

These four videos give you a platform to demonstrate your expertise, explain your love of the law, help new clients settle in, and answer all those legal questions you get asked during consultations.

By presenting yourself effectively to potential clients on video, you’ll see an increase in qualified leads and by improving your client experience, enjoy the benefits of positive reviews and referrals.

Here’s how to get started winning more clients and cases with video:

Present Past Cases to Future Clients

By breaking down the fact patterns of your past cases, you demonstrate to potential clients that you have the legal knowledge to assist them in mitigating their current legal challenges. Use your natural storytelling skills to draw viewers in. By showcasing as many different situations as you can, the higher your odds are of having a past case video that speaks to that person’s specific situation.

There is nothing more powerful for converting a prospect into a new client that clearly showing you have helped someone like them in the past.

Don’t limit yourself to thinking these past case videos need to focus on the big cases. Every result you get for a client is worthy of being recorded and presented on your website or the practice’s YouTube channel.

Pro Tip: Newly licensed, just opened your law offices, or switched to a new practice area?  You can use this strategy successfully too. Just use cases in the news or other examples to explain to potential clients how a case like this could unfold and set expectations about the outcome. You’ll still be showing off your legal knowledge in a way that will appeal to viewers.

Tell Me: Why Did You Get into the Law or Your Practice Area?

Teddy Roosevelt said, “nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  It is a quick connection maker to create a video that explains to prospective clients why you entered the practice of law or why you selected your practice area or specialization.

It’s endearing and authentic and establishes both trust and authority. It also allows you to give prospects a glimpse into your personality and your passions. There are plenty of negative lawyer stereotypes out there. A warm and personable video can help break them down and win you more clients and cases.

People want attorneys who care handling their cases. It’s that simple. Create a video in this style for every attorney in your firm. Add them to the individual bio pages and share them on your social media accounts.

Provide Informational Content to Help Clients Understand the Process

The most successful client relationships are formed when both parties feel properly informed. In a law practice, you may be dealing with highly emotional or stressful situations. Or, you may have bread and butter services that you repeat often.

Imagine how much more smoothly things will go for you, your support staff, and your clients if you provide informative videos that explain the process and steps a case is likely to take.

Having a great onboarding process creates educated clients and educated clients are generally better clients.

Effective videos in an onboarding series like this could include:

  • Timelines
  • Expectations
  • Next steps
  • Documents needed
  • Contact information

By providing a better overall client experience, you’ll generate better results, receive more positive reviews and referrals, and set yourself apart from other attorneys.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Law Firm Video Marketing

You get asked for legal advice at social gatherings all the time. A smart video series answering those questions can turn a 1:1 conversation into a 1:many opportunity to display your knowledge and expertise on a particular legal topic.

You know what questions you’re asked over and over again by prospects and new clients. These 2-3 minute videos are great for increasing dwell time on your website or boosting your reach on your YouTube channel.

Freely sharing these videos also demonstrates your willingness to help. The average prospect needs as many as eight interactions with you before they are ready to take the next step and book an appointment or consultation.

People are on your website conducting research. Give them insights into:

  • Can they handle a situation themselves?
  • What sorts of records do they need?
  • How long does a case or process take?
  • How much will it cost?

By helping prospects understand the most common situations in your key practice areas you’ll see better prospects scheduling consultations. A well-designed library of videos can help reduce calls from unqualified leads.

Think about your ideal client persona. Reverse engineer their situation and create answer style videos to speak directly to those highly desirable prospects.

Think of your answer videos as part of an effective screening process.

How to Get Your Firm Started with Video Marketing

The good news is that you don’t need to hire an expensive videographer and lighting crew to create compelling videos for your practice. You have a film studio right in the palm of your hand.

For most of your videos, you can confidently film directly from your phone or computer. You may find that an external microphone enhances the sound quality of your videos.

Self-shot video is very accepted by most people these days. And the truth is, with the right lighting (aimed at your face, not behind it) you’ll get really great quality videos.

If you want to do some final edits, you can. Or you can hire experts who can do video production and editing for you.

The key is to not overthink it. Keep a running list of video topics and frequently asked questions. Commit to filming your past case videos every time a case concludes.

And remember, it gets easier every time you hit record.

Dynamic Video Content Generates Qualified Leads Every Day

Once you get started with video, you’ll begin to see opportunities where video can highlight your expertise, persuade potential clients you have the legal knowledge to help them, and close communication gaps that frustrate you and your clients.

By creating a dynamic and growing library of video content, you increase your flow of well-qualified leads because earning new business is the lifeblood of your successful law practice.

To talk to us about creating an effective video marketing strategy for your law office, speak to one of our marketing specialists now.

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