Facebook’s New Blueprint Courses

22 Courses Now Available

Transcript from the video:

This is Your Marketing Minute from Forward Push, and if you like learning, you are in for a treat. This episode is about the 22 new online courses that Facebook has added to their free educational platform called Facebook Blueprint.

In Chicago last week at a Facebook conference, they announce that they’ve got 22 new courses going online by the end of June, and these courses are geared to the small business owner. You’ve got everything from how to use Instagram to how to run ads that convert and get you more customers.

So 22 new courses coming to the Facebook Blueprint platform to get to it, you just go to Facebook.com/blueprint.

All the courses are there, including some courses that have certification, as well, if you wanna take your online learning to the next level. So Facebook.com/blueprint, and check out some of the new courses online from Facebook.

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